Lake N Zyme 10 Litres

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For seriously large bodies of water.

0.7ml per 1,000 Litres

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RAW-N-ZYME is a special bacteria activator.  It contains no live organisms but is instead a special blend of isolated hormones and enzymes that compliment the naturally occurring nitrifying bacteria in water bodies.

Some bacteria products simply don't work in different water bodies because there are thousands of strains of nitrosomoas and nitrobacter bacteria's; and by introducing a foreign strain from a bottle, you have caused a bacterial war where all of the bacteria compete for food.  POND-N-ZYME does not do this.

  • Compliments the natural bacteria in your pond or dam
  • Increases the reproduction rate of nitrifying bacteria
  • Increases bacteria's ability to consume organic and chemical food sources
  • Treats cloudy water
  • Australian made and owned