Safe Water - Water Dechlorinators



Chlorine and chloramines are toxic to aquatic life.  Its great for keeping pool and drinking water safe for humans, but our fishy friends don't like it so much.  Neutralising chlorine is essential when establishing new ponds or aquariums.

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Safe Water has been developed in Australia as a non acidic water conditioner that does not effect pH.  Instantly neutralises chlorine and chloramines.  Safe for all fish, frogs and pets it binds ammonia and heavy metals into a non toxic form that can be processed by your bio filter system.  Recommended for use in establishing new ponds or aquariums as well as during water changes.  Safe water de toxifies nitrites and nitrates at normal levels found in tap water.  

  • Safe for use in fresh and salt water
  • Does not effect pH
  • Binds heavy metals and ammonia
  • Instantly neutralises chlorine and chloramines

Best practice is to de chlorinate tap water before adding it to your pond or aquarium.  This is because chlorine will instantly kill the beneficial bacteria you are breeding in your bio filter system, and if your bacteria dies, your system will likely crash.  Where possible de chlorinate water in a bucket before adding it to your system.  If this is not possible or practical, add the correct product dose directly to the tank or pond immediately before adding water and then add another 50% dose after adding water to ensure it is neutralised.  You can ensure chlorine has been neutralised by using an aquarium chlorine test kit.

Double doses can be safely applied to water with high chlorine concentrations.

DIRECTIONS SAFE WATER: Apply 5ml of product to 200 Litres of pond or aquarium water.

DIRECTIONS SAFE POND: Apply 30ml of product to 2,400 Litres of pond water.


SAFE WATER ANOXIC is a specially formulated, high concentrated, water conditioner for fresh and saltwater applications running anoxic low oxygen filtration systems. 

Anoxic filtration is a revolutionary filtration system developed by by Kevin Novak Ph.D, a well respected Ichthyologist as an alternative filtration method. It works using a microaerophile bacterium called facultative anaerobic heterotrophic bacteria (FAHB). Its physical setup is a network of never clogging negatively charged baskets called biocenosis-clarification-baskets (BCB).  The system has no moving parts, never needs replacement and has zero maintenance.

The use of normal water conditioners may harm the bacteria in your anoxic filtration system.  SAFE WATER FOR ANOXIC FILTERS instantly neutralises chlorine and harmful chloramines & is  recommended for use when adding chlorinated tap water to your pond.

Add 2.5ml of SAFE WATER to your pond for every 200L of chlorinated tap water being added.  Pour the required treatment before adding the water to your pond. 
Double dosages may be used safely in water with high chlorine concentrations.