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"Great turf surfaces start with enhanced bacteria"


EARTH-N-ZYME is a powerful biochemical soil activator designed for the turf and horticulture industries. From world class golf resorts to your home back yard.

The advanced enzyme technology of EARTH-N-ZYME reinvigorates degraded soils and treats a wide range of soil ailments and plant disease.  Containing no live organisms, our product is not a bacterial inoculation, and herein lies its advantage.  It has been developed with years of Australian research to be an effective, environmentally responsible and economical alternative to traditional soil management practices.

How does EARTH-N-ZYME work?

Isolated and extracted from the highest quality bacteria available, the multi-stage fermentation process used enables us to provide an oxidization stabilized enzyme that naturally penetrates hydrophobic soil without the aid of a surfactant (soil wetter).  EARTH-N-ZYME penetrates deep below the thatch layer where it is absorbed by the indigenous bacteria.

Once absorbed the enzyme spikes the bacteria's reproduction process with new bacteria formed through binary fission.  Special hormones in EARTH-N-ZYME further multiply the binary fission process with these new bacteria containing a clone of the introduced enzyme and hormone which further split and reproduce.  

The result of EARTH-N-ZYME treatment is a massive population explosion of aerobic soil bacteria which has been observed at over 600 times pre-existing numbers two weeks after application.


"A build up of Anaerobic Bacteria produces toxic chemicals and foul odours" 

Turf Black Layer

This can occur in anaerobic soil (where there is no oxygen).  The anaerobic condition of the soil is often attributed to poor drainage and the bacteria that breed here have a by-product of foul smelling methane and hydrogen sulphide gas.  Hydrogen sulphide is toxic to turf roots and reacts chemically with elements like Iron (Fe) creating black deposits forming layers in the soil.

Black layer is normally observed between 25 and 250mm below the turfs surface.  EARTH-N-ZYME penetrates the surface and the thatch, and the matt layers collecting aerobic bacteria on the way where it is absorbed assisting the binary fission reaction to breed in a compounding manner making more and more aerobic bacteria holding the introduced enzyme.  The aerobic bacterium carried into this layer consume all foreign elements including the anaerobic bacteria which are the cause of the black layer problem.

The process aerates the soil and continues deeper until all of the anaerobic bacteria is reduced to humic acid.  With the methane and hydrogen sulphide gone, the soil pH will return to normal ranges with grass roots becoming able to penetrate deeper.


 "Wet shaded soil produce Moss & Algae"

Algae forms when turf is thin and the soil remains wet and shaded for the majority of the day.  Algae generally wont kill the turf but will turn it yellow or lose its natural pigment.
Moss is a collection of primitive fuzzy vegetation which also form in thin layered wet and shaded turf. Moss has no root system and often detaches on contact.

Turf Moss & Algae Growth

Thin marshy turf with a dark green almost black slimy layer or the presence of short green fuzzy plants within the turf can indicate moss or algal growth.

EARTH-N-ZYME's action quickly decomposes moss and algal vegetation into carbon and eliminates the chance of any new spores forming.  The addition of our active enzyme assists with aeration and therefore drainage which is one of the key causes of moss and algae in turf.



"Thatch prevents moisture from reaching the root zone"

Excess thatch  Is an accumulated layer of dead and decaying stolons, rhizomes and clippings immediately below the surface.   It is often hydrophobic and results from the inability of soil fungi to break down and decompose plant lignin present in dead plant matter at a rate faster than it is produced.

Decomposition of lignin is always a very slow process, achievable only by fungi in the soil. When turf grass is under intense management pressure to perform at a high level, it produces plant material at a faster rate than the soil fungi can decompose it. Bacterial decomposition is extremely rapid by comparison and soil bacteria enhanced with EARTH-N-ZYME complete the process of thatch decomposition far more efficiently and can reduce, or even eliminate the need for disruptive mechanical renovation


"Dead grass patches can be the first sign of fungal disease"

Symptoms of most fungal diseases appear on or near a turf surface. Once diseases have manifest in their respective observable forms the grass will have either already died or declined beyond recovery.

If disease pathogens are already present, EARTH-N-ZYME bio-activation process will quickly consume them and stimulate the grass re-grow into the affected areas quickly. Prevention is better than cure with fungal disease and regular treatment with EARTH-N-ZYME will enable the local soil bacteria keep them in balance and prevent it re-establishing