Pond Shade


Pond Shade is the easy way to bring a natural blue appearance back to your lake, pond, dam, fountain, water feature and other water bodies. It is odourless, safe and provides an attractive, beautifying effect to natural or man-made lakes, ponds, dams, fountains, water features and other water bodies. 

The intense blue colouration of Pond Shade actively reduces the amount of UV light penetrating the water column thereby affecting organisms that require UV light for photosynthesis.

As Pond Shade reflects sunlight, it has the added benefit of keeping water temperatures lower than untreated water bodies. Lower average water temperatures, further suppress submerged aquatic plant and algae growth. Colder water holds more oxygen, which is beneficial for healthy fish and beneficial bacterial growth. 

Pond Shade also has the effect or actively reducing evaporation by up to 50% normal levels and has been shown to reduce the incidents of fish poaching by predators such as birds etc.


Pond Shade is harmless to fish and wildlife, pets, humans and the environment. It is safe to add to water used for irrigation and swimming water when used as directed.


  • Long-lasting natural blue colour
  • Easy to use
  • Harmless to fish and wildlife

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DAMS & LAKES :  2.5L per million L of water.  Spray evenly around the waters surface.

PONDS:  7.5ml of Pond Shade per 1,000L of pond water.