pH Test Kits

Maintaining the correct pH in your system not only keeps fish and plants healthy and stress free but it is essential to keeping you nitrifying bacteria alive.  Nitrosomonas becomes dormant and will die outside of the correct parameters meaning that ammonia will no longer be converted and you are heading for a crash.  These European lab grade test kits are simple to use and very accurate allowing you make sure everything remains in balance.
The Rikka pH test kit tests рН range 6,0-7,6 - test for measuring water acidity in range from 6,0 to 7,6.
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1.Wash measuring vial few times with water that is to be tested.
2. Add 5ml of water that is to be tested to measuring vial.
3. Add 5 drops of solution and shake vigorously.
4. Compare the color with included color scale.

Immediately after measuring acidity, thoroughly wash the measuring vial.

In order to get accurate measurements, the temperature of water that is to be tested must be 25±3°С, and room temperature must not be below 20°С.

  • Storage life: 24 months, but no more than 12 months since opening.
  • Keep at 10-25°С in dry dark place! Keep out of reach of childrenі!
  • Avoid skin contact! Upon skin contact wash with large amounts of water!