MelZyme External Injury

MelZyme was developed by Zyme Tech as a anti bacterial disinfectant water treatment for cuts, abrasions and external damage.  

MelZyme contains no alcohol or formalin but instead uses natural compounds as an emulsifier meaning that it will not harm your beneficial bacteria.  The enzyme content goes one step further and actually boosts the ability of the nitrifying bacteria to consume waste and toxins and results in a population boom of bacteria that end up in a feeding frenzy.

  • Not suitable for food stock fish
  • Wont break the nitrate cycle
  • Safe for all ornamental fish
  • For pond & aquarium use only
  • Salt or Freshwater use

Dosage:  12ml per 100L of aquarium water daily for 1 week.  30% water change after 7 days. 

Repeat treatment if required.