Lake N Zyme - Water Bio Remediation



  • Contains a protein that attaches to all nitrifying bacteria which increases their ability to grow and reproduce
  • Increases the bacterium population by up to 600 times normal levels in a 14 day period
  • 100% natural and cannot crash your system or harm fish or plants
  • Actively consumes sludge and detritus from your aquarium
  • Reduces algae tannins and biological waste
  • Maintains the Eco balance of your aquarium
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater
  • Cannot be overdosed

LAKE N ZYME aids in the multiplication of the natural, beneficial bio-organisms found in fresh and saltwater bodies and has been shown to increase the bacterial concentration levels up to 600 times in 14 days.  The high increase of beneficial bacteria concentration levels results in a healthier pond due to fish waste & sludge being consumed faster.  Not only do these beneficial bacteria take care of organic waste, they also consume algae's food sources, reduces tannins and maintains an all-round healthy, balanced bio system.

PRECAUTIONS: This product will consume large volumes of oxygen in water bodies.  Run your pump and/ or air pump 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Best results will be achieved by maintaining high volumes of aeration.


Spread the correct dose of LAKE N ZYME over the surface of the pond or lake.  Best results are achieved in water temperatures over 15 degrees.

PROBLEM WATER:  14ml per 10,000 litres, 2 weeks apart until desired result is achieved.  2 Litres per 1,428,000L | 10 Litres per 7,142,000L.

NEW BIO SYSTEM:  14ml per 10,000 litres every 2 weeks, for 2 months. 
2 Litres per 1,428,000L | 10 Litres per 7,142,000L.

TREATMENT DOSE (sludge, algae, ammonia etc.): 7ml per 10,000 litres every 2 weeks, until water clears.  2 Litres per 2,857,000L | 10 Litres per 14,285,000L.

MAINTENANCE DOSE:  3.5ml per 1,000 litres every 4-6 weeks, once desired water quality is achieved.  2 Litres per 5,714,000L | 10 Litres per 28,571,000L.