Download click here - MSDS Zyme Tech SAFE WATER.pdf

SAFE WATER stands upon years of research and development enabling Zyme Tech Australia to bring to you this truly 100% Australian made water conditioner.

Now in its third generation of development, SAFE WATER actively neutralises chlorine and chloramines found in Australian tap water, making it safe for immediate use in Ponds, Aquariums and any other non potable water applications are required. 

Additionally SAFE WATER de toxifies any heavy metals that are commonly found in tap water making it a world class allrounder in tap water conditioning.

  • Safe and non toxic
  • Long shelf life of 2 years
  • High concentration formula
  • Tested to Australian conditions and water quality
  • Made with RODI with 0 TDS 


5ml of SAFE WATER treats 200 litres of pond and aquarium water 

Double and triple doses can be safely used in high chlorine water bodies such as pool water etc.

Strictly for non potable applications only.