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What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are a protein that regulate the speed at which chemical reactions occur in living organisms.  They are a catalyst for all aspects of cell metabolism and remain themselves unaltered in the process. For our purposes it is important to acknowledge the ability of enzymes to boost the ability of bacteria to consume nutrients.

Fig 1.   Meet the enzyme

How and why AQUA-N-ZYME works

AQUA-N-ZYME contains enzymes that have been isolated from high quality nitrosomonas and nitrobacter cultures and stabilized against oxidization.  

Many bacteria products on the market do not work in some ponds and aquariums.  This is primarily because different water bodies have different indigenous cultures ; and introducing a new bacterial product can sometimes cause a bacterial war where nobody wins and the bacteria die.

That's where AQUA-N-ZYME comes into its own.

This product is NOT a bacteria.


AQUA-N-ZYME is readily absorbed by whatever autotrophic bacteria is native in the water body to which you add it, meaning its guaranteed to work.  The bacteria that absorb the enzyme then reproduce with the new bacteria inheriting an exact replica of the enzyme as well.  The result of this is that the bacteria will reproduce at around 50 times the normal reproduction rate.

The enzymes in AQUA-N-ZYME also enhance the bacteria's ability to synthesize chemical compounds like ammonia, nitrites and nitrates meaning that you now have many more bacteria with a far more efficient nitrification process.

Cloudy Pond & Aquarium Water

Often caused by Heterotrophic bacteria, cloudy water can be treated with enzyme enhanced Autotroph bacteria to increase the ability of the microbes to synthesize the excess ammonia being caused by the water borne Heterotrophs.  

Autotroph Bacteria synthesize inorganic substances (like ammonia) using photosynthesis or chemical energy.  nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria are chemosynthetic autotrophs which can be seriously enhanced by AQUA-N-ZYME.

Heterotroph Bacteria unlike autotrophs cannot produce their own sugars and require a pre formed source of food.  They mineralize the organic matter into ammonia.



When an excess of organic matter exists, the heterotrophic bacteria that live in the substrate of water bodies is encouraged from its normal anaerobic state into the water column and become aerobic.  In this form heterotrophic bacteria consume large amounts of oxygen and mineralize as much organic material as they can, thereby producing ammonia - and cloudy water.

Heterotrophs can reproduce in as little as 20 minutes while most autotrophs take up to 24 hours.  So while the heterotrophs are reproducing quickly they are also flooding the system with ammonia which the autotrophs in their un-enhanced state struggle to deal with.  Voila water born algal bloom.

AQUA-N-ZYME enhances the ability of nitrifying autotrophic bacteria to synthesize the excess ammonia being produced and overtake the reproduction rate of the heterotrophs bringing the water body back into microbial balance.