All About AM CHLOR

Download click here - AM CHLOR Ammonium Chloride MSDS.pdf

Ammonium chloride is commonly used to cycle aquarium water without fish.  With 50 mg/L of total ammonia-nitrogen concentration AM CHLOR will supply fuel for nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria's enabling reproduction of micro organisms to establish a working cycle.

Dose Rates : 

2ml (40 drops) per 37 Litres of aquarium water

6ml per 100 Litres of aquarium water

50ml treats 925 Litres of water

Do's and Don'ts

Chlorine and chloramines are lethal to bacteria.  A quality water conditioner should be used to ensure both of these are removed from your aquarium water prior to commencement of the cycling process.

AM CHLOR is formulated to put ammonia into your aquarium, so it doesn't make sense to use chemicals that bind ammonia during the cycling process.  Do not use water conditioner within 72 hours before or after using AM CHLOR.

Always test for ammonia levels before using AM CHLOR.  Do not overfeed the bacteria. Nitrite oxidizing bacteria work much slower than ammonia oxidizing bacteria.  You should only add ammonium chloride if your ammonia levels read lower than 5 mg/l.  Do not exceed the recommended dosages